"The Lost Gig (Acid House Version)"

"The Lost Gig (Acid House Version)" [mp3 removed -- tune is now on Bandcamp]

Continuing to experiment with Octatrack features and effects:

--Altering sample rates of drum samples (for example, the tom roll is a slowed-down clap)
--Using a "neighbor machine" for a primitive effect chain (as in two effects, but hey, I'm still learning, and had been wondering how to apply delay and reverb to the same track)
--Autopanning two tracks using inverted LFO waveforms so two loops crisscross throughout the song (the bubbly sounds are some "Fog Computing" riffs run through the Mutator filter and sampled).

The NI Massive tremelo-y patch I wrote and used in "The Lost Gig" makes another appearance halfway through. That's me playing the numerals 3-5-2-3 on my alphanumeric computer keyboard.

Update: Bumped the volume on the "bubbly" parts of this. Revised and reposted.

"Fog Computing (Drum Solo)"

"Fog Computing (Drum Solo)" [mp3 has been moved to Vimeo]

Applying some tutorial-acquired knowledge of slicing, retriggering, timestretching and sample-looping in the Octatrack. Working with some of the same riffs from previous tracks, and some added "gnarly" sounds from the Doepfer A-112 sampler.