"Fog Computing Variation"

"Fog Computing Variation" [mp3 removed -- tune is now on Bandcamp]

Spent some time crafting a bleep in the modular. An LFO was triggering it about 127 bpm. I added pitches and made a tune, recorded it, and then played it twice, four steps apart, to create a delay.
Then parts from "Fog Computing" were added, and some beats. It needed more so I wrote some softsynth tunes as counterpoint and imported them into the Octatrack. The USB cable is moving a fair amount of audio back and forth between the Octatrack and PC these days, at least until something is finalized in one or the other location.
This is pretty spare, robotic, and demo-like, but that's intended.

Octatrack Tips videos by SecretMusicUK

Tip #1 - Amp page and menu
Tip #2 - Playback page and menu
Tip #3 - Slices and Retrigger
Tip #4 - LFOs part 1
Tip #5 - LFOs part 2; Parts
Tip #6 - Resampling
Tip #7 - MIDI
Tip #8 - Effects part 1

This is a fan/user-posted YouTube tutorial course on the Elektron Octatrack sequencer/sampler. It's intermediate level in that it assumes you've read the manual, know some basics, and still have questions. It's fast-paced and smart, unlike many narcissistic how-tos-but-this-is-really-about-me-and-my-wonderful-hands-turning-knobs-on-this-fabulous-gear-I-bought that can be suffered within the YouTube swamp.

Most gear demos don't ask why, as in, what type of music are you making, who is your intended audience, is this just an advertisement for a commercial product, might someone's "workflow" include other things besides this gear, what is a good mangled sound vs a bad mangled sound, is all this complexity about avoiding cliche, is power-sucking equipment a luxury that only one generation will possess on a widespread level, what happens after six years when the battery in this machine runs down and the manufacturer has "moved on," why this piece of gear as opposed to a thousand other gimcracks available for home electronic music makers, and so on.