"Sadly Massive"

"Sadly Massive" [mp3 removed -- a remixed version can be found on Bandcamp]

This is "experimental" in that this melody doesn't really "go" with the drums. I decided to ignore that, create as credible a graft as I could, and call it harmolodic. It's kind of sweet for all that.
The drums are the pseudo-tribal congas from "Robot Jox (Ethnic Forgery)" with some additional technoid beats. The melody is a patch I made in Massive using wavetable modulation, and played live on the computer keys (then edited and pitch-shifted to keep time with drums, despite the awkward relationship).

"Modular Dining"

"Modular Dining" [mp3 has been moved to Vimeo]

This is a 1 min. 22 sec. of the modular synth running on its own. The events (including some samples in a sampler module) are LFO-triggered as opposed to MIDI, so more erratic. Recorded in two chunks, spliced at :42, with some added convolution reverb that comes and goes. Also compressed for volume spikes.