link rot central: IMDb reviews

IMDb hasn't been quite the same since Jeff Bezos bought it. But until recently you could link to specific comments; now you can't.
I have several posts linking to comments by Ted Goranson (tedg) that are dead links.
This post, A Tale of Two Film Critics, quotes some tedg language re: one of the Michael Bay Transformers movies. The only way to find the source now is to go to the movie page [Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)] on IMDb, sort comments by "prolific reviewer," scroll down, and pray. Now there's progress!
Goranson has made a couple of attempts to archive all his reviews on his own site. The current archive has no mentions of "Transformers" prior to 2010.

Andrej Ujházy at

A quick plug for Andrej Ujházy's online residency at (where I made work last year).
Ujházy offers his inimitable blend of 3D modeling, animation, and loose, digital sketching. For example, today's post, a Martian-esque landscape:


From the Archive of his past posts, a detail of Buffering, including "return to top" button (full-sized)::


Another crop of an image from the Archive (full-sized):


greyhound shakedown update

In an earlier post, Greyhound Shakedown, Texas Style: I mentioned writing a "concerned rider" letter to Greyhound about a police raid on the bus I was on in Neanderthal County, TX. No reply ever came; it probably went immediately into the wastebin. According to this HuffPo story, Greyhound rolls over for border patrol raids; likely the company wouldn't be any less opposed to small town sheriffs raising revenue by asking its customers to empty their luggage.
The ACLU has been after them about their lack of fight on the border patrol issue, at least.




posted by stage on bogchat

Was going to talk about this "weak" abstract art (the good weak) in terms of Boris Groys' essay "The Weak Universalism" and Hito Steyerl's "In Defense of the Poor Image" but then discovered that e-Flux had broken links to both those essays. Functioning links and more discussion here.
In a nutshell, over at Hyperallergic John Yau writes laudatory reviews of successful practitioners in the field of abstract painting, which is essentially an embalmed body (he's been writing the same essay for as long as I can remember). Meanwhile abstract art continues in the "weak" zones beyond Yau's empowering vocabulary. What is to be done?

link rot central: "the weak universalism," "in defense of the poor image"

When you call yourself e-Flux you have carte blanche to change URLs whenever. It's like, flux, man.
Many links on to Boris Groys' essay "The Weak Universalism" recently went dead. :(
That's because e-Flux changed the URL of the article, without a "redirect."

The old link was

The new link is

You may recall that e-Flux made a bid for art world power by trying to buy the .art domain -- it paid $185,000 to apply, and lost.
Given its level of cyber-competence we dodged the proverbial bullet in more ways than one!

Update: Also changed with no redirect was Hito Steyerl's essay, "In Defense of the Poor Image."

The old link was

The new link is

It's ironic, of course, that this cyber-failure occurred with respect to two essays about poor and weak art. As noted a few years back (the links don't work):

exhibition idea: the Poor Image ( ) vs the Weak Universal Gesture ( ) - which is paltrier?