good news from ardour re: midi looping

Have noted several times the errors in Ardour's midi looping. Apparently it's finally going to be fixed:

Tue, 2018-03-27 10:24, paul: MIDI looping will be an area of intense focus for the 6.0 release. It is known to work incorrectly in all existing releases, at least in cases where note boundaries coincide with the loop boundaries (it does work in other situations).

But some people are never happy:

Thu, 2018-03-29 11:44, ccaudle: All these kids and their new fangled loopty loops. In my day we had to play a song all the way from beginning to end, and we liked it that way. :)


It's never too soon to be nostalgic for, the chat-with-pics site that imploded last year, sucking years of creative work into a server farm black hole.
Searching "amazonaws" on my own site yielded a number of dump images that survived the collapse, including the one below, posted by user larsdk.
[Full sized replacement version] [Amazon-hosted original]


Viewed now, it has a "party's over" vibe, even with those mounds of unsnorted blow. "Marina staring at museumgoers" was touted as some kind of relational aesthetics (i.e., warmed-over 1970s conceptualism) but the real relational aesthetics were Marina-staring memes jumbled in with web artifacts such as IKEA furniture, Solo Jazz cups, and magenta sex toys, all projected against a white background on Plato's virtual cave wall.

Chris Ashley, Untitled, 20070706


The HTML version of this piece was originally posted here in July 2007.
The CSS (or something) is messing up the drawing, and the original drawing from Ashley's blog is no longer online, so I emailed asking if he could send me the file.
The above is a screenshot (.png) made from the .htm opened in Firefox without any blog post middleman. If you click this link you can see the version discombobulated by Word Press.

More on Ashley and the subject of making HTML drawings in an era of CSS, json, and overbearing web developers who stole publishing away from the People, man.

See also More Chris Ashley a la Bloglines for another mangling of this piece.