It's never too soon to be nostalgic for dump.fm, the chat-with-pics site that imploded last year, sucking years of creative work into a server farm black hole.
Searching "amazonaws" on my own site yielded a number of dump images that survived the collapse, including the one below, posted by user larsdk.
[Full sized replacement version] [Amazon-hosted original]


Viewed now, it has a "party's over" vibe, even with those mounds of unsnorted blow. "Marina staring at museumgoers" was touted as some kind of relational aesthetics (i.e., warmed-over 1970s conceptualism) but the real relational aesthetics were Marina-staring memes jumbled in with web artifacts such as IKEA furniture, Solo Jazz cups, and magenta sex toys, all projected against a white background on Plato's virtual cave wall.