Tracktion Waveform 9 - Multi Sampler

Tracktion Software just released version 9 of its Waveform digital audio workstation. I've been learning it because it runs on Linux PCs -- one of the rare proprietary DAWs that does. Version 9 includes a new instrument called "Multi Sampler." It's intuitive and easy to work with. Essentially you drag any sound file into the sampler, cut it up, and assign it to a MIDI note. Multiple samples are assigned to keyboard zones a la Kontakt. It also records and resamples. Best of all (for me), it plays Soundfont files.

Individual sample; some light processing with filters, envelopes and LFOs is possible:


Sample being sliced in the "Record" pane:

multi sampler slices

Keyboard "zone" assignments:


The zones in the third screenshot show a Soundfont file (.sf2) version of a 1990s E-Mu synth module, Orbit 9090 v. 2. This is a kit of electro-style drum hits.

Screenshots, top and middle, were found "on the internet." The bottom screenshot is mine.