link rot central

You worked hard in art school. You developed a style. You found an appreciative gallery, had a show, and got your first reviews. Unfortunately these reviews were all online, so that, five years later, your CV has become a collection of...


It could be worse -- your reviews could all be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, buried somewhere in the cloud, invisible to search engines. Or, for that matter, they could all be in print publications, findable only by searching The Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature in the remains of a local library gutted by neoliberal austerity programs. Ultimately you will need a good memory and belief in the value of your contribution to keep the show on the road, because you can't count on the gatekeepers to keep their own shows running.

I regularly find broken links in my personal legitimation script. This suggested a snake-eating-its-tail regular feature for the blog called "link rot central," mentioning some notable links and information or theorizing about why they failed. These will be indexed under the category link-rot-central.

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