hack movies and the composers who score for them

Back in the day Cracked was a Mad clone but at some point it rebranded itself as a vehicle for feisty thinkpieces.
Here's one about the trials and tribulations of movie composers, written in the form of a "five reasons" listicle. (A format that's one of five causes of mass cognitive impairment and shallowness.)
The article isn't so much an example of the unreliable narrator as it is unreliable tone. Like the Wired piece about seniors in camper villages, it gushes and burbles in a humorous upbeat way about a grim subject: the state of movies and the hack mentality that infects every aspect of production. Hans Zimmer is held up as some kind of paragon, for a sh*tty Batman score that other composers imitate. The feeling you get is that if another Jerry Goldsmith or Ennio Morricone came along and wanted to do something offbeat today, he would be stifled by corporate toadies. Also celebrated is the virtual soundtrack, where the composer never leaves his or her computer but makes sweeping orchestral gestures that sound like recycled Max Steiner. Uggh, enough.