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• Just because the Covid truthers are wrong about this being a manufactured crisis, doesn't mean evil technocrats aren't waiting in the wings, hoping it will provide a technological "reset" that benefits the largest and most vile corporate actors. Wrong Kind of Green analyzes the writings of one Klaus Schwab, head of the Davos-based World Economic Forum, who is bubbling over with creepy hopes and prognostications for a globalist, transhumanist, privacy-invading future, existing mainly for the purpose of enhancing profits (or what Schwab calls "value") for the One Percent. Know your enemy -- this is him.

• A Hofstra professor retired and had time to look more critically at what major media outlets were saying about Russia, Syria, Venezuela, "election interference," etc and discovered it was all a pack of lies. Now his friends don't want to talk to him.

• Comedian Jimmy Dore has fun with the Jeffrey Toobin whackoff story, lampooning a report from a local LA newscaster who tries to normalize Toobin's bizarre behavior. Since it's a CNN commenter doing it, it must be something that could happen to any of us, right? The LA newscaster actually says "There but for the grace of God go I." [YouTube]

"Piano Composition 1"

"Piano Composition 1" [1.8 MB .mp3]

Have been wanting to do an all-piano release -- this may be the first stab.
This is actually me playing the piano, heavily edited. For some reason when I sit down and freestyle it comes out sounding like syncopated jazz chords. The ending, however, is pure MIDI piano roll.