"Aye-aye-aye (2012 Mix)"

"Aye-aye-aye (2012 Mix)" [mp3 removed -- a further revised version is on Bandcamp]

Another redo of a 2005 track, with a techno house flavor. Was recording MIDI drum patterns from an Electribe groovebox and using them to trigger unrelated ROMpler sample kits -- pretty sure that's how this one was done. (The pattern might also have been a Battery demo.) Using MIDI note transposition in Cubase I could test how the pattern sounded with different configurations of drums or even playing virtual keys in softsynths.
In this one the pattern is triggering a Battery kit and three FM7 softsynth patches. One of the latter is making the weird vocal "I" or "aye" (or "ice") sound.
The original mix beat one or two ideas to death for three minutes. I shortened the song and included dropouts and one or two more ideas!
This is still going to be really harsh at high volume - the samples don't take this MIDI shotgunning well - but it purrs along adequately as a quiet piece.