"The Sad Knife Missile"

"The Sad Knife Missile" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

Another FM7* ditty - I made these patches mucking about in the "operator matrix." Out of kilter "Are 'Friends' Electric?" reference, I realized after the fact. The grittier, high pitched sounds are the Doepfer A-112 in pitch-shift mode.
Just finished reading (and enjoying) Iain M. Banks' book Matter and the title is a nod to his futuristic warfare tech and sentient spacecraft that are sad when they die.

*The FM7 softsynth was patterned on the classic Yamaha FM synth from the 80s, the DX7. Native Instruments made the usual improvements and now calls it the FM8 but I have pretty much no interest in upgrading. Instrument design, like website design, never gets simpler and more elegant - it just fills up the product with more stuff.

more drawing in chris shier's canvas 05



full-size version

Following up on two earlier posts, I'd been describing the scrawls you can make in Shier's interactive drawing pad 05 as "fleeting" but Shier told me you can click in the image and freeze the pattern on the screen (while continuing to add to it). The top image revisits my dump.fm grid with that in mind and the bottom image (reduced and sharpened - see original screenshot) is done on Shier's server. The very non-Greenbergian nickname for the latter is Aladdin's Lamp in Space.