drawing in chris shier's canvas 05 (dump version) (gif version)


slightly longer GIF

shier's website
dump version of canvas 05 (draw and screencap your own!)

cursor = "the artist's hand" (mine)

"canvas 05" isn't an official title, as far as I know -- need to call it something -- Shier numbered it 05 and it's made with the HTML5 canvas element that, along with the iPad, is supposedly going to redefine the web as we know it. Shier's project and the attempts here to interact with and bloggerize it feels slightly like "leaving the zone of audience comprehension," as Frank Zappa called it. Critics are needed who can talk helpfully about this stuff -- evaluating each stage of production, and speaking to the tech as well as the art of it. (E.g,. "The algorithms are sleek but the self-appointed performer/documenter's hand gestures and screenshots seemed hurried. One longs for the days when ineffable abstraction existed only on actual, physical canvas, etc etc.")