optidisc 3D


woodfloors made this version of the venerable OptiDisc gif
Don't break it on my account, wf, but if you're going to mess with it might as well go all the way. (Looks great.)
Wf has a web app he's working on that enables you to jack with the disc in many other ways but until it's Windows-friendly it doesn't exist -- just kidding! Meaning I haven't played with it yet.
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"Mutator_uLFO_40+41" [mp3 removed]

Same setup as the previous post but the "staccato" modular tune is played dry (without the Mutator) and wet, then the two parts are overtracked offset a fraction of a second apart to make a round. Kind of pretty - and short!


"Mutator_uLFO_38+39" [mp3 removed]

MIDI notes trigger a modular synth patch. The monaural patch output is converted to stereo/autopan in the Mutator filter. The filter is in turn modulated by an envelope signal via the Mutator's "ext" input (the EG is triggered by an LFO from the uLFO module). This creates an echo sound but it's really just a pulsation as the wave diminishes. Two tunes were recorded and then overtracked.