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art and language


mirrrroring does it look like 4 yr old cud do it?
Surferosa no it looks like i could wipe my ass on toilet paper and make it
Surferosa but i dont shit rainbows so i cant
mirrrroring try it bro
tommoody rectal technique by Surferosa
Surferosa can you explain the concept to me
Surferosa serious not saying shit for a second genuinly curious
mirrrroring the concept is too make the easiest sexiest art with the least amount of effort and highest reward
tommoody it has to do with the unconscious mind reflected in phone gestures
Surferosa i get that concept thats why it's shit
Surferosa thats why im calling you out on it
mirrrroring ur not calling me out lol
tommoody surferosa, i'd like you to meet yaherd of phone arts, my chief critic
mirrrroring surfer just do something better
tommoody you guys could trade art poop insults
mirrrroring cuz u cant

- tom moody

May 31st, 2012 at 5:11 pm

singularity cat 2


hat tips stage (for cat) and maxlabor (for vortex I messed up)

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May 30th, 2012 at 12:56 pm

"Shaker Dinette"

"Shaker Dinette" [4.3 MB .mp3]

Because the world can never have enough minimal techno.
My use of some pre-digital percussion by other musicians (about 2 seconds' worth extended to two minutes via creative editing) in the previous posts prompted one listener to comment that my musicianship was improving. This is not good, so back to the certifiably machinelike.

- tom moody

May 30th, 2012 at 12:41 pm

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online painting explained


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May 29th, 2012 at 10:39 am

"Percussion Reassembly"

"Percussion Reassembly" [3.5 MB .mp3]

This is kind of work in process. A short, bare bones tune made from the components of the previous post's percussion experiment.
The next step will either be (i) leave it alone (unlikely) or (ii) start adding bass, synth, and/or piano parts.

- tom moody

May 28th, 2012 at 7:25 pm

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"PercussPerRCUsssPERsion" [4.6 MB .mp3]

Live percussion snippet is played "straight" at the beginning and then goes through many hardware-sampler-induced mutations. Mostly involving changes of sampling rate (pitch/speed) but also changing loop points and semi-granular rooting around in wavetables based on the data. Really like that you can "zap" an 8 bit .wav file with control voltages and have it change this much. Some post-recording tweaks, mostly to get everything at the same gain level. Also, some multitracking - this ain't real time.

- tom moody

May 28th, 2012 at 2:12 pm

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the tabloid unconscious


Mark Dery had an amusing riff in his book The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium about the media's portrayal of mail-bomber Ted Kaczynski after his capture. Editors loved to show the before-and-after shots of the clean-cut 1960s math professor turning into a crazed, hairy mountain man. Dery paired these photos with stills from movies such as I Was a Teenage Werewolf depicting similar shapeshifting from valedictorian to shaggy flesh-clawer.
Dery's comparison came to mind when someone [?] on posted the crop to the left.

- tom moody

May 28th, 2012 at 9:28 am

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reading instagram against instagram


Will Neibergall made the above by rephotographing an Instagram stock shot 6 times. It's an old trick but I like the way this technique breaks down the arty, fake Kodacolor look of the Instagram filter.
More on Instagram: Glad we can still link to it without seeing the Facebook login.
And speaking of Facebook, more detail on how the company inflates its MAU count (monthly active users). That absurd figure that climbed from 400 million to 845 million in advance of the IPO is based on everyone who clicks on a Facebook like, even on other sites. The actual user count, per the company's SEC filings, is 161 million. (Per financial blogger Barry Ritholtz--I linked to this a while back but didn't mention specifically how the count is goosed.)

- tom moody

May 27th, 2012 at 9:21 pm

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double portrait


pixel drawing of "boner" by lolumad; i did the "painting"

- tom moody

May 27th, 2012 at 11:18 am

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The Troll Economy for real

While the online art world ponders Trolling and Friending as Bullshit Relational Aesthetics and How Can We Monetize Them, news arrives from the world of soulless capitalism that Gawker has a new economic model based on sponsored comment threads controlled by the advertiser.

The way it works, as explained non-judgmentally by Felix Salmon:

So Gawker’s new commenting system is based around threads, with the default view being the main, most interesting thread. It’s possible to click through to other threads, and every thread — indeed, every comment — has its own unique URL; what’s more, the person who starts a thread has quite a lot of control over which comments in that thread will get featured.

What that means is that if an advertiser buys a sponsored post — and sponsored posts have been part of Gawker’s menu of offerings for some time now — then once the new commenting system is in place, the advertiser will have a reasonably large degree of control of the conversation that most people see in that post.

Denton’s vision for Gawker Media’s editorial product is very much moving towards comments and away from posts, and he reckons that advertisers will follow him in that direction if he blazes the trail. Expect Gawker’s blog posts to get shorter, in [the] future, and sometimes just be a headline, at least in the first instance, so that the conversation can get going before a pretty post can be put together. And if Denton’s scheme goes according to plan, when you follow a link to a Gawker website, it will often — or maybe even usually — be a link to a comment, rather than to an original post. Eventually, it’s possible to envisage a world where the distinction between the two is erased completely.

The Exiled blog describes this succinctly as "monetizing corporate trolling." Content dwindles to a provocative teaser headline that makes you want to click through to discussion. Is the discussion real or fake? You don't know. A good moderator keeps the selling agenda on the down low, nixing skeptical comments, and at some point goads you over to the company's website, where more "discussion" continues and you are fed disinformation about a product or service.

Here's how the model might work in practice. I'm going to use Paddy Johnson as an example because she's playing with sponsored post fire; HOWEVER, what follows is a work of fiction and she wouldn't actually do this.

Let's say you have software that balances gender considerations as you write text. "Did you use 'he' too many times? Here are some alternative constructions." You pay Paddy to host a post titled "Enough With The Dude-centric Net Art Shows." Everyone in "new media" has an opinion on that (219 comments at last count) - you don't even need an article. Paddy turns the thread over to you to moderate. A sock puppet says "You know, what curators need is a software that makes their computers beep when men outnumber women in the press release they are writing." A commenter says, "what is this, an ad?" You nuke the comment. Another commenter plants a link to another "lively thread" on your page which keeps plugging the Gender-Eaze (tm) software. Brad Troemel describes corporate trolling as an "unscrupulous form of DJ art" on his tumblr and links to Paddy's thread. Troll gasoline ignites and orders start coming in for your product.

- tom moody

May 27th, 2012 at 9:33 am

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