Lissajous curves + minor thought experiments

Vimeo demonstrating the ADDAC502, a modular synth module that generates control voltages to alter sounds produced by other modules.
Unlike a standard LFO (low frequency oscillator), which generates simple sine, square, or other waves, the ADDAC502 produces complex curves in Lissajous patterns.
The Vimeo is a bare-bones image of an oscilloscope screen, showing as visual information the curves generated by the ADDAC502: a real-time demonstration.
Much is written about synesthesia (the combination or blurring or two senses) but this type of demo is its pure embodiment. You have a palpable, almost gut knowledge of the audiovisual intersect points as you watch. (See earlier discussion of synesthetic false knowledge.)
Bonus, new media meta-level considerations:
1. Watch the video as "found internet art" - a minimal low tech audiovisual abstraction
2. Imagine someone linked to it and claimed it wasn't generated by a machine but was the trace of a human hand playing a theremin. (Not a great idea; am just thinking about how verbal information can alter perception and feeling about straightforward demonstrations, in this case via a semi-plausible tech-bloggy narrative of "superhuman technical prowess such as to compete with machines.") See earlier discussion of wow factor.