"Percussion Reassembly"

"Percussion Reassembly" [mp3 revised and moved to Bandcamp]

This is kind of work in process. A short, bare bones tune made from the components of the previous post's percussion experiment.
The next step will either be (i) leave it alone (unlikely) or (ii) start adding bass, synth, and/or piano parts.


"PercussPerRCUsssPERsion" [mp3 revised and moved to Bandcamp]

Live percussion snippet is played "straight" at the beginning and then goes through many hardware-sampler-induced mutations. Mostly involving changes of sampling rate (pitch/speed) but also changing loop points and semi-granular rooting around in wavetables based on the data. Really like that you can "zap" an 8 bit .wav file with control voltages and have it change this much. Some post-recording tweaks, mostly to get everything at the same gain level. Also, some multitracking - this ain't real time.

the tabloid unconscious


Mark Dery had an amusing riff in his book The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium about the media's portrayal of mail-bomber Ted Kaczynski after his capture. Editors loved to show the before-and-after shots of the clean-cut 1960s math professor turning into a crazed, hairy mountain man. Dery paired these photos with stills from movies such as I Was a Teenage Werewolf depicting similar shapeshifting from valedictorian to shaggy flesh-clawer.
Dery's comparison came to mind when someone [?] on dump.fm posted the crop to the left.