art and language


mirrrroring does it look like 4 yr old cud do it?
Surferosa no it looks like i could wipe my ass on toilet paper and make it
Surferosa but i dont shit rainbows so i cant
mirrrroring try it bro
tommoody rectal technique by Surferosa
Surferosa can you explain the concept to me
Surferosa serious not saying shit for a second genuinly curious
mirrrroring the concept is too make the easiest sexiest art with the least amount of effort and highest reward
tommoody it has to do with the unconscious mind reflected in phone gestures
Surferosa i get that concept thats why it's shit
Surferosa thats why im calling you out on it
mirrrroring ur not calling me out lol
tommoody surferosa, i'd like you to meet yaherd of phone arts, my chief critic
mirrrroring surfer just do something better
tommoody you guys could trade art poop insults
mirrrroring cuz u cant