"Congas of Doom I," "Congas of Doom II"

"Congas of Doom I" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

"Congas of Doom II" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

Was learning my way around Electribes reasonably well (as a writer if not a live player) but this new (as yet unidentified) beatbox has many more capabilities. Am using the pre-loaded samples to write new riffs, stripping out some of the demo mode FX bells and whistles and leaving others. Also, am "cheating" by recording and overdubbing riffs. You won't see my disembodied hands demo-ing these on YT any time soon. Am fairly proud of the backwards-sounding break on "II" - it almost sounds like real hiphop that I have an affinity for. post edited for tone

hurricane at my place


The cruddy, sick old tree in front of my apartment fell down 20 minutes ago, right in the middle of the street. The city crews are on it -- I heard the chainsaw but not the falling tree (loud music in studio). It just missed hitting that car.

Update: Looking around the web it seems almost all the Hurricane Sandy photos are arty, soft-focus, and hand-tinted-looking. This might be the first all-Instagram documented disaster. Future generations will hate us for our present conceits (photo above made with a Sony™ camera).

"Moon Monitor"

"Moon Monitor" [mp3 removed]

All sounds made with a hardware sampler/sequencer (am not going to advertise the brand just yet). Several recorded "sessions" were combined and overtracked to make this minimal techno suite.

"Air on a Phone Signal"

"Air on a Phone Signal" [mp3 removed]

The problem with adding extra midi channel capacity to a modular synth is now you need more envelopes and amps to shape all that sound. EGs (envelope generators) and VCAs (voltage controlled amplifiers) have been ordered but in the meantime am using other means to trigger the extra channels. (I had enough oscillators.) Here an LFO makes a basic phone signal sound, which runs throughout this extremely modest piece. Drum samples were added in the second half.