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Screenshots of my drawings on this page (resized and made into square format)
Make your own 2001 ending - fairly mindblowing mandala-maker - I like how asymmetry and decay is factored in.
Added the question mark after "collabs" because we need a better word for joint image-making -- collaboration implies back and forth, give and take in the making of a single work. These Shier drawings are two steps, where most of the brow-furrowing occurs at the design step.

Added a blog category web app art - tm for this type of two step work. My input in these varies from most to least.

"Triangle and 8-Bit Delay," "Pulse and Triangle and 8-Bit Freeze"


"Triangle and 8-Bit Delay" [mp3 removed]

"Pulse and Triangle and 8-Bit Freeze" [mp3 removed]

In these tracks MIDI piano roll notes trigger very basic modular synth patches and some very basic effects. Overtracking is used to stack tunes. These sound like chiptunes but they are just waveforms that are really...basic.

Update: Added a couple of bars to "Triangle and 8-Bit..." to make the middle section more coherent.