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"Why I Can't Vote for Obama" (bloggy) -- The post cites war crimes and rolling back limits on executive power; let's add the cat food commission and (late) blaming of the 2007 financial meltdown on public debt when the mess was clearly private sector-driven - "austerity or crisis" is far from our only choice

"New York Times Story Bizarrely Downplays Impact of Ocean Acidification" (Naked Capitalism) -- Hey, we can get by without a few shellfish

Stylish socks with a message from Rising Tensions

Matt Taibbi on Romney's debate BS.

Update: Richard Stallman, Why I Can't Support Obama

spudoogle detail


Crop of a GIF by Mike Francis on the Spudoogle site (successor to TM-ucce)
(Keeping the file-size low -- apologies for the surgery.)
Check out Francis' video of a Kathleen Daniels song [YouTube]. She had a contest where she invited people to add visuals to her music - Francis lost :( but she commented on his YouTube "Well that is something." (The comment has since been removed.) Good artists don't always recognize other good art.