small universe model


animated GIF, 500 x 500 pixels

This is the non-tumblrized version of my GIF in The Limited Collection, presented by La Scatola Gallery and described earlier. I believe the entire collection (which has been appearing one GIF per day) is now posted on Tumblr. Soon (not sure when) it will be taken down and become the lower-case-limited-edition, documentation version.

thomas disch -- credit where it's due?

Reading the Livejournal of the late science fiction author/poet/critic/children's story writer Thomas M. Disch, came across the nugget that he wrote a script for Disney, King of the Kalahari, which became The Lion King.
He says between the collusion/skullduggery of Disney and various agents he was screwed out of credit and royalties. The manuscript was offered for sale as a one-off original literary property at the time of the Livejournal. The seller, James Cummins, no longer offers it -- would be curious to know who has it and how much was paid.
Disch's book The Brave Little Toaster became a "cult," early CGI film that launched the careers of various Pixar hacks. (Haven't seen it.) He got credit for that one, at least.

PC Music -- the label -- update

About a year ago the PC Music label was covered, here, on this blahg. It's taken that much time for it to get the full-blown Pitchfork treatment.
It was blaringly obviously interesting on first listen but apparently the dancecrit neckbeards had to debate it.
Simon Reynolds, who is showing disturbing fogey-ish tendencies for such a young dude, made some sneering comments on his blog.

...whether you should even go deep with something so determinedly shallow as the PC Music aesthetic is debatable. But then these sort of operations are never content to just be blank, are they? They can't resist showing how thought-through and conceptual the whole thing is. Pointing out the references, the precursors, the intent.... Just like the art world.

Reynolds had done such a wonderful job explaining '90s dance music but since the mid-'00s he's been on a "there's nothing new under the sun" kick, with his semi-depressing book Retromania. If PC Music were actually something new/fresh/challenging he'd have to deny it because it blows his thesis out of the water. In any case, he can't hear the quality, and that's kind of sad.