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Three "long-form" posts that give you something to mull over:

Netherlands-based cyber-thinker Geert Lovink considers the state of theory after the Sn0wd3n m0m3nt. (Caution: arty not-safe-for-work photo from e-flux also graces the page.) This essay from April 2014 makes a nice (though more opaque) bookend to the talk by cybersecurity expert Dan Geer about opting-out. Lovink isn't saying we should opt out, precisely, but acknowledges a "God is dead" situation for new media types: after the years of accelerated transparency and sharing that were going to change everything we suddenly realized we had compiled a dossier on ourselves. So, now what?

Matt Stoller's piece on the censored 28 pages in the government's 9/11 report that possibly tell us about the involvement of U.S. "allies" in the attacks. If this information had been known years of pointless violence might have been avoided, etc. Stoller posted this on Medium, another startup content-suck.

Richard Prince reminisces about his days hanging out with Jeff Koons in late-'70s NYC. The item is dated 9/17/2014 and can currently be found at the top on this large wad of non-permalinked writing on Prince's personal website. Prince makes a good case for Koons' art, woven into a rambling autobiography. (hat tip sdb)