art-pizza connection belabored


Yesterday (Sept 16)'s ephemero-blog "Rhizome Today" quoted a post of mine (thanks!) but the link appears to have been broken; 'twas my documentation of a Double Happiness exhibit at VertexList gallery in 2008.

A laptop "eating" a slice of pizza, slightly visible in that post, was featured more prominently in a Rhizome post on the same show a couple of years after mine. Rhizome's photo became the "hero image" this week for a trendspotting article in The Hairpin about the so-called "snackwave" phenomenon.

Rhizome Today listed a few net art-pizza precedents and asked if it was missing any. Hey, this is important! OK, a "surf blog" that was running contemporaneously with Dubhap, called Loshadka, posted Thomas Galloway's Enter Tha Pizza Palace in 2007 (in case you get a malware warning here is the GIF by itself). I liked it so much I linked to it from Nasty Nets (note the trackback "right now" in comments -- that was from NN -- the NN post itself inexplicably disappeared). has been all over crap food since 2010. See foot's ramen stunt driving GIF from the hall of fame. Pizza-specific posts include melipone's click for pizza screenshot (also above), illalli's Lindsay Lohan's pizza party, GucciSoFlosy's post-pizza, timb's pizza sirens, thekraken's pizza face IDGI guy, UAE's so pizza, and hundreds of others (there may be some tumblr overlap here).

Since Double Happiness touched this off, it should be noted that Jeff Sisson of that group rules the snack food beat -- in 2009 he and Bennett Williamson (also Dubhap) took a group of lucky individuals on a tour of C-Town, which included extensive consideration of junk food packaging, shelf placement, etc.