surge molecule 3 animated

Have mostly lost interest in painting-on-canvas but can still make a case for collage of printed-out materials.
You could say the unique object is problematic because it creates "artificial scarcity" (a favorite bugbear of new media) but that assumes the object is permanent.
We have no idea how long a paper work using 10 year old ink jet prints and even older photocopies is going to be around once it is framed and hung on a wall -- that's scarcity all right, but not necessarily lucrative.
Economics aside, a case can be made for "devolution" of media, not so we can live in the past but as an examination of present assumptions.
Images that start out "cyber" have a brief life as a hand-made object that can be eventually folded back into cyberspace via jpegs and (as here) GIF animation.
I feel like the same thing is happening in my recent music. Slickly produced percussive sounds are downsampled, saved to SD cards, played on an old-fashioned modular synth, and then reclaimed for "higher end" production.
These comments were written a few days after the GIF below was posted. --TM


original size 528 x 508