"The Sad Knife Missile"

"The Sad Knife Missile" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

Another FM7* ditty - I made these patches mucking about in the "operator matrix." Out of kilter "Are 'Friends' Electric?" reference, I realized after the fact. The grittier, high pitched sounds are the Doepfer A-112 in pitch-shift mode.
Just finished reading (and enjoying) Iain M. Banks' book Matter and the title is a nod to his futuristic warfare tech and sentient spacecraft that are sad when they die.

*The FM7 softsynth was patterned on the classic Yamaha FM synth from the 80s, the DX7. Native Instruments made the usual improvements and now calls it the FM8 but I have pretty much no interest in upgrading. Instrument design, like website design, never gets simpler and more elegant - it just fills up the product with more stuff.