animated GIF by plams

level one: military history warplanes GIF pasted onto anime scene using overlay utility

level two: woman is dazzled as planes fly through her kitchen

level three: impossible welding together of "soft" domestic and "hard" military signifiers

level four: martha rosler-esque critique of feminine steretypes: the "plain" girl in apron and turtleneck (?), working in the kitchen, fantasizes about freedom and flying away, but also being a "bad girl" with guided missile stripper breasts and rotating tassels.

level five: militant globo-feminist: "Her Betty Boop kewpie doll face is an emblem of the masculine desire to dominate a pliable, child-like lover. The rounding of her eyes suggests racial self-hatred and self-colonization. There are some other complications in there but don't be fooled or misdirected. If you enjoy this GIF you are a bigot twice over, or complicit in your own enslavement."