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Andre Breton was the pope of surrealism - who is the pope of GIFs?

lack of broader fame is no impediment to having stalkers

i may actually finish that Huysmans book I started in my 20s...

when you put your artwork out there and people talk about it, they are not trolling

the beauty, tragedy & hilarity of modular synth ownership http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu-spR1M55o

sophistic reasoning, editorial elisions, and logical circumlocutions to avoid saying you misspoke

dreamed I poured out my life story to my dentist

the old, angry artist calls the critic names after the show; the young, angry artist does it beforehand

exhibition idea: the Poor Image ( http://bit.ly/5AwXpU ) vs the Weak Universal Gesture ( http://bit.ly/apxW6f ) - which is paltrier?

high correlation between artists who talk about the impossibility of sorting high and low and those looking upwards for validation