digital residency concludes


My residency at (the online component of London's Gazelli Art House gallery) wrapped up this week.

Last post (page back through 20 drawings or use thumbnails)

First post and intro/bio

Archive with artists who have participated so far (Laura Brothers, Philip Colbert, Hyo Myoung Kim, Giovanna Olmos)

As noted earlier, the works aren't actually untitled; I left the captions blank on the pages where I posted content, to keep typography on the page to a minimum. But they might as well have been untitled since I stuck with the unmemorable sketch_x# scheme.

Many thanks to the gallery for the post-internet-while-remaining-on-the-internet show. I recycled/remade some recent Linux work and dropped in several new pieces. Sticking to a 640 x 640 pixel format and working in one style for four weeks was good for me -- like yoga, or working with a personal trainer called "the remorseless internet."