"Crickets II"

"Crickets II" [3.2 MB .mp3]

Demo of the delay and pitch-shifting functions of the Doepfer A-112 module. Was trying to keep the beats minimal so I could hear better what the effects are doing. The delay is not an echo, with multiple steps (you have to use another module--a mixer--to create feedback). It's a simple time lag. But if you patch in the original beat you get two beats and a kind of unpredictable slurring and distortion that the voltage-controlled sampling adds. Pretty nice stuff. The pitch shift can be heard in a tom-tom that starts dropping a few semitones about halfway through. Very noisy and dirty track overall, atmospheric (hence the title).


by Lolumad
my talk topic next week is going to be "Concrete Poetry vs 'Doing Internet'" (or words to that effect)
am scouting around for examples of work that might superficially prove Kenneth Goldsmith's thesis that concrete poetry anticipated the internet but in fact proves nothing of the kind