"Squarewave Express"

"Squarewave Express" [5.7 MB .mp3]

Primitive techno-trance -- am biased but especially liking the sine wave "flute" that comes in at :37.
The pulse width of the square wave that runs underneath is being widened and narrowed by a slow-ish LFO sweep.

"B4 and 4fter (Bongos)"

"B4 and 4fter (Bongos)" [mp3 removed]

Part one is a mangled organ sample using the Doepfer A-112 wavetable function with an offset/attenuated LFO hitting various tables (the sample is cut up and pieces of it are treated as playable waves that are arbitrarily ordered in a grid).
Part two is live FM synth and a different set of (prepackaged) wavetables played with a different module.
The beats are Reaktor Rhythmmaker.