"Kick Echoes 2"

"Kick Echoes 2" [mp3 removed]

The Doepfer A-112 sampler module has a delay effect and it's literally that. An incoming sound is sampled, put in a ROM slot and played...once. How soon after the original sound comes in can be set by a knob. To get feedback (where the delay is mixed with the original sound and/or multiple repetitions of the sound) you have to use a separate mixer. In any case, once the feedback starts you can mess with it until it becomes staccato white noise with very little resemblance to the original sound. For this track I set the repeats for infinite, let it run, and came back three times to capture what the output was doing. The pitch and timbre were both slowly changing but the change is more noticeable when you leave for awhile and check back in. Each captured increment here differs from its predecessor.

The other thing I was doing was adding pitch and filtering steps to the repeats in real time via MIDI-triggered control voltage changes. So the staccato white noise can be made to play simple tunes. Some additional percussion is added via multi-tracking.

Musically this is kind of "no wave."