"No Wave No Service"

"No Wave No Service" [mp3 removed]

No-Wave 8-Bit House (?) where a series of wavetable synth module riffs have been syncopated using control voltage envelopes. The underlying beat consists of MIDI-triggered, sampled 808 hits.

Update: Remixed slightly and re-posted. The main themes were shortened at the beginning. Also the first bar or so is now beatless.

"Bass Twelve" remix

A track of mine, "Bass Twelve," recently remixed in fabulous mono for YouTube, can be heard on Ballroom Warriors, a Glasspopcorn-dj'd tumblr specializing in vintage and current house, trance, bass and other "four on the floor" subgenres. The overall drift is toward vogue or "bitch house," but we do most of our bitching here and on twitter, the better to concentrate on going-for-broke, deep tech house grooves.