it's just a muscle crease, fool


Am not using twitter much for what one departing Google exec calls "social" (as in "Social became state-owned, a corporate mandate called Google+" and his daughter's 2.0-savvy formulation "social is people* and the people are on Facebook").

Instead twitter is for important crap like tracking subway graffiti. The above is a recreation of a Florida tourism poster in the 49th Street N/Q/R station, which has been replaced twice in the last few weeks. Above is how I first saw it, with the handwritten message "Dolphin is not smiling - it's just a muscle crease, fool" and the thought balloon "Get me home!" It was completely replaced, and the next time I saw it the model's tooth was re-blacked and the thought balloon said "Set me free!" (I think). A fresh poster is up now with none of this graffiti -- looking forward to my next visit to the stop.

*I thought that was Soylent Green

"Surface Variation"

"Surface Variation" [mp3 removed -- a revised version of this track is on Bandcamp]

Took the beats and one of the midi patterns from "No Wave No Service" and added some, sorry, jaunty melodies with clavinet, pianos, etc.
Running throughout is a semi-live modular synth* improvisation that interacts with the "keyboard" parts in various ways.
Am really happy with some of the contrapuntal parts where three or more tunes all come together.

*Mostly WMD's GammaWaveSource module with ADSR control voltages from another module twiddling effects such as "sample kill."