"Five Four"

"Five Four" [mp3 removed to Bandcamp]

Supposedly this is in 5/4 time but I can't really hear it. All the sounds are presets from various softsynths and ROMplers except the bass, which is a monophonic analog synth patch I "made myself" and have been using a lot. Mostly this is about writing simple tunes that trigger piano chords made by tuning three electronic pianos to 0 | 2 | 5 semitones, respectively (whatever chord that is).

Update: 0 | 2 | 5 isn't a proper chord, from what I'm reading on the internerd, except maybe in 12-tone land. It's just a stunted excuse for a note-cluster.

Update 2: Edited and re-posted. In the piano parts at the beginning and end, the permutations are spread a little more evenly; also, the piano volume is softer.

Update 3: Removed one measure of permutative piano, near the beginning -- about four seconds.

Update 4: Was getting bored with the ending being basically a repeat of the beginning so I added some new parts using the chord -2 | 5 | 7, another one that probably has no name but sounds fairly pleasant when played on top of the originally-recorded part. I guess at some points the chord is -2 | 0 | 2 | 5 | 7 or B flat | C | D | F | G.