Diana Kingsley

Congratulations to Diana Kingsley for this New Yorker write-up of her show at Castelli:

It’s hard to know what Kingsley is up to with this new group of photographs, but she’s obviously having fun. Some of her still-life images look like parodies of Elad Lassry’s, with similarly oddball arrangements of tomatoes, cheese wedges, and melons and balloons on brightly colored backdrops. Roe Etheridge [sic] might have shot the ikebana-style flower arrangement with a partly eaten foil-wrapped candy bar left at its base. But Kingsley’s off on her own wonderfully weird trip with much of this work, including a picture of a forest floor with little stacks of coins among the pine needles. Through Aug. 3.

Of course Kingsley was doing this before Roe Ethridge but it's not unfavorable company.

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