transcendent mundane

Have been noting postpunk, psychedelic, or other countercultural-type songs appropriated for bourgeois advertising. Not very many so far -- I need to watch more TV -- but it's always startling to hear how shamelessly these sentiments are repurposed.

bow wow wow's "i want candy" used in verizon cell phone network commercial

beatles' "All You Need Is Love" used in Blackberry commercial

human league's "don't you want me" used in mop commercial

moody blues' "tuesday afternoon" used in Visa card commercial

beatles' "a little help from my friends" used in Hampton Inn commercial

gang of four's "natural's not in it" used in X-box commercial (previously discussed)

Update: mashedpo sent these:

iggy pop's "Lust for Life" used in Carnival Cruise lines commercial

Gary Numan's "Cars" used in Cisco Systems commercial

Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" used in Volkswagen commercial ("Particularly unholy use of that great deceased young folkster's song")