Plams posted this to; I've been tinkering with it and will probably keep working on it.
I enlarged but changed it from a 2-way < => to a one-way gif just to keep the file size small. Eventually it may go back to two-way.

This is an algorithmic morph and it's amusing to see what the program is trying to do.
First problem is images with light coming from opposite directions; in ten frames the shadows have to move to their opposite sides. Second is what to do with the base of the green shaft. The program opts to have it fade from existence. Lazy! Between the green base disappearing and the light changing sides you end up with a strange, awkward twist or crimp in the vertical shaft that we're not supposed to notice.
The next phase will be to redraw these frames by hand and re-animate them. I think I can smooth out some of the obvious incongruities and make a more seamless transition. It will be drawn in a different style but keeping these basic shapes. Why? Obsessive problem solver artist type.