"Skill Not Gamelan"

"Skill Not Gamelan" [mp3 removed -- later version is on bandcamp]

All sounds except the percussion were made with the modular synth, recording a few bars at a time and then overtracking them. (The percussion is from the Battery kit I made of samples from the Sidstation a while back.)
These are my self-made patches, ranging from bassoon sounds to bells to "fuzz bass." Once the sound is nailed down, MIDI parts are played in Reaktor or Cubase that attempt to exploit the best of each patch. Results are unpredictable once the MIDI lines start getting added, which makes writing the parts fun.
At this point many Eurorack-style modules are a mix of analog and digital sound generation. Most of the sounds here originated with a wavetable VCO, which uses digital waveforms. The bell-like sounds are analog, with some FM synthesis and filtering.

Update: As a bleeding-edge constituent of the cv/gate revival I should mention that those MIDI patterns trigger the synth with this.