Alex Wilson reports on the appearance of Blue Grosbeaks in Calvert Vaux Park in Brooklyn this summer: "There appears to be some localized nesting on the east end of Long Island, but this southern species remains a rare breeder in this region, perhaps unprecedented in Brooklyn."

Photos and text tell the story of a mating pair and the sad end to their nest.

netflix normalizing again

Blurb written by Netflix:

Atom Egoyan directs and stars in this painfully honest account of an Armenian photographer's search for love in spite of himself. His marriage in tatters, he starts dating again, but can't quite jump in with both feet, and his heart, first. With every date, he puts the women through the paces, asking them to make sexually charged phone calls to others. When he finally meets his match, his ex suddenly comes back into the already murky picture.

A commenter's correction:

Netflix's review of this film seems off (they tend to 'normalize' some films in their reviews): The spurned husband doesn't start dating again but rather hires actresses to portray woman similiar to his wife in an apparent attempt to come to grips with her leaving and how she left. It's much more interesting than just dating! This is a simple, droll, and very thoughtful film about the subtle break-up of a long-term relationship of a couple played by Egoyan and his wife and collaborator, Arsinee Khanjian.



Have been tweeting away like a good social media stooge since March 2008, and suddenly Twitter Central starts nudging me to "complete my profile" so my "friends can learn more about me." (Friends is internet code for advertisers.) Seems I left some blanks in the form four years ago: "location" and "bio," feeling amply covered both. It's hard work being a rebel, shaman, internet provocateur, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it. Your little "art" ideas will be remorselessly ground down by the commerce and conformity robots.