tv tropes: uncanny valley: advertising

Nice that someone assembled all on one page the many grotesque attempts to simulate the human form with computers.

The tone of the "TV Tropes" WIKI is "isn't this great, it's so horrible." A few examples:

--Speaking of Burger King, oh god..EAT LIKE SNAKE. For those who don't want to open yet another browser features a man slithering about in a snakelike fashion then UNHINGING HIS JAW to swallow a burger whole.

--Evil Dead Orville. (Orville Redenbacher popcorn.) Someone had the bright idea to use a real actor for his body, and to computer generate his head...

--An Evian ad featured babies breakdancing to the Sugarhill Gang. Some found it cute, many found it incredibly creepy. The babies are CGI and look human except for a few disturbing features.

--A commercial for Swedish Kavli had a baby who starts to dance after tasting their food. When the baby's body switches from real to CGI, its arms are noticeably thinner! The dance moves only made it more freaky, which is probably why this didn't run for long.

The page has links to YouTube and other ad sources. Most of them work, surprisingly.