three movies we won't be seeing, ever:

Lincoln - in this biopic, miserable hack director Steven Spielberg, who yearns for respectability so badly it's killing him, misrepresents Abraham Lincoln as the first Hollywood liberal.

Django Unchained - one slave's payback is a pitiful feelgood substitute for a depiction of a general revolt, but any such depiction would have to show the resulting retaliatory massacre to be the least bit historically plausible, and that's just too grim for a movie.

Zero Dark Thirty - torture or no torture, an exciting suspense film celebrating extrajudicial murder is not a great idea. The "hit" punished a crime that had a zillion lingering questions instantly put to bed when the snuffing took place.

vegetable stand

potato_corn I guess what you'd call this. Based on a photo of some food stylist insanity that became a minor meme.
The objective here was to try some old-school painting using the "improved," Windows 7, Paint program.
You can't blend worth a damn so the only way to build up any volume is with scratchy strokes where the slight transparency of the edges overlaps. In physical media it's probably analogous to the crosshatching with egg tempera glazes famously practiced by Paul Cadmus. The result is a little uncomfortably close to illustration for me (as opposed to "photorealism," if that term has any meaning when making a computer rendering eyeballing a photo).