Got some reports on the Hyperallergic Tumblr panels at 319 Scholes on Mar. 9. Since many creative people use Tumblr it makes some sense to consider the sociology, tech assumptions, and pathologies of this enormous web host. Having Tumblr as a co-sponsor of the event assured that the data would be as compromised as a global warming study funded by the Koch brothers. As previously noted, the theme of at least two commissioned essays was that we must learn to love compromise and accept the limitations of the platform, because it is your new reality as an artist.

Several dumpers were watching the live stream and giving a play-by-play, along the lines of "that panelist is fucking insufferable" and

that [guy] who is MC-ing [said] that they didn't talk to [James Bridle] because "We think New Aesthetic is too nebulous of a concept to be related to tumblr art"

That says something about how nebulous the New Aesthetic is! Also got some info via email:

Last night, there was huge technophobia happening at the panel and [some] panelists were making an argument that being open was a result of "generational differences," and that adults aren't interested in sharing anything about themselves online.

[Those] panelists were trying to create critical distance by dismissing young artists, saying they didn't understand the platforms they were working in... It was a huge buzzkill, especially since the panels were stacked with "experts" so artists weren't given the opportunity to respond...

Reports were that things improved a mite when two art types who actually use Tumblr came on. Both are writers whose "net art" views maybe aren't so interesting but the witnesses said they "weren't too bad," especially compared to what preceded them. Many thanks to those who watched or attended so the rest of us didn't have to.