"i wanted some other bloody war"

Am sick of articles by Iraq War supporters-turned-doubters such as this one by Ezra Klein that say "I wanted Kenneth Pollack's war, not George Bush's." Pollack was the "Democrat" intelligence expert who argued out his rear end that Saddam had WMDs, and convinced a lot of other "Democrats," on the eve of the war, to support Bush and Cheney.
Klein does briefly mention Scott Ritter, the ex-Marine, ex-UN weapons inspector on the Republican side of the spectrum who said Saddam had zip (and paid the price by having his personal life slimed) but neglects to mention all the other people who were right: the millions out marching in the streets who knew Bush and Cheney were lying scumbags. These Washington consensus types amaze in their ability to proudly and loudly self-delude, year after year.