"Inkling" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

The Sidstation is a synth built around the sound chip for the Commodore 64 (a 1980s home computer). The Octatrack sequencer that I used to make this track (triggering the Sid and recording its notes) originates with the same company, many years later. (Am trying to avoid writing ads here - if I wanted to read them I'd spend more time on Twitter.)
This starts out video-game-y and then changes gears with some fuller-sounding beats sampled from... another company's product.

"ChamberVirus 2013"

"ChamberVirus 2013" [mp3 removed]

A redo of a 2006 tune that I modestly described as:

Tech house Morton Subotnick using 2 softsamplers and some Access Virus effects sounds and drum hits from the Drat Fink Archive.

It's not house but more like polyrhythmic chamber music (that modesty again) using commercial, dance-oriented electronic drum samples. In 2013 (yesterday) I shortened it, added a wistful pad melody so there is more contrast with the pristine elements and the blatty noise music.

bob ross stays home

Here in America, a nation of fun-lovers, we are busy rehabilitating George Bush Jr. as an adorable pet painter, but other countries have longer memories. Mr. Art Man had to cancel a fun trip to wacky Europe recently out of fear of being arrested as a torturer. Buzz kill, man.