pacific rimmed 2

SM: How did Pacific Rim end? I got 3D battlebot fatigue (enhanced by the size of the screen at the Uptown) and ducked out as Stringer Bell was suiting up for definitive Megatronage.

TM: I saw it in 2D (with earplugs) so I could make it to the end.
The tattooed nerd mindmelds with a Kaiju and learns that the spacetime link will explode unless alien DNA comes into the link first.
Stringer dies by exploding the bomb that was supposed to go with them into the gate, buying our heroes time to get a dead alien and take it into the gate with them for its DNA identification. (I think - it was all pretty confusing.)
Because their old Jaeger is "analog" and "nuclear powered" they can turn it into a bomb.
They enter the gate and we get a brief glimpse of the Kaiju world with a baby Kaiju looking up expectantly. The bomb explodes, sealing the gate, and our heroes escape in pods just in the nick.
After the credits Ron Perlman slashes his way out of the Kaiju that has eaten him.