RSS reader list (update)

Some additions to our feed reader list:

Go Read explained in a blog post (hat tip Pretzel). "Open source" but Google login required.

Digg Reader. Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism recommended this initially, particularly as an alternative to Feedly and its design in "hipster Brooklyn green." Later she complained it wasn't so great for organizing large numbers of feeds.

AOL Reader (still in beta) - you have to sign in using AOL's or one of the other big evil spy companies' logins, natch. It's funny how we've come full circle here, speaking as a denizen of the BSW (big scary web). In the '90s AOL offered a closed garden version of the BSW, then the BSW flourished for 6-7 years without adult supervision, then Facebook "perfected" the AOL model, then Google imitated Facebook and ditched Reader, and now AOL offers its closed-garden readers a tool to help them access all the content that's still out there on the BSW (while continuing to drive users to the major players via logins).

Am being judgmental but it's gallows humor because it's only a matter of time before this happens.