essentials for worst director lists

IMDb has a couple of popular "worst director" lists:

< The WORST Directors on planet Earth. A list by a REAL movie fan >

88 Hacks. Some of the worst working (unfortunately) directors

These emanate from Tinseltown nerds who follow current schlockmeisters very carefully (most mortals would be hard-pressed to name 100 directors period).
And while it's gratifying to see Zack Snyder (Watchmen) and Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) getting their due, the validity of both lists is severely compromised by the absence of:

Peter Hyams (Outland, 2010, Relic, End of Days)

Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys, Flatliners, Batman and Robin, 8MM)

Fifteen years ago these bulletproof hacks would have topped any Hollywood worst list. You couldn't escape them. Happily, being prolific, inevitable and "made" is no assurance you won't be forgotten -- new juggernauts of awfulness will roll over you.

Afterthought: Complaining about the absence of Peter Berg from both lists would mean admitting that you actually saw Battleship.