the Dogma of silence

Have been working on projects that aren't particularly bloggable -- video, archiving/remaking DVDs, fooling around with a new computer with more video capability.
It's kind of stupid to keep posting links to Vimeos just for the sake of being a prolific blogger.
And goddam it I will not junk up 12 years of pristine text and pic bloggin' with a bunch of embed code stra-a-a-ining to pull up offsite Flash content like every other stinkin' website.
Am having some Dogma-like insights about video shooting, scoring, and editing that I'll want to talk about eventually.
In the meantime check out my bike ride on Vimeo.
Also, am posting "SD" (720 x 480) videos to my Screencast page [deleted 6/21/19] -- it's paid hosting which doesn't do any transcoding where I can create embeds for my barely-viewed "wider" blog.