internet view from 2013

You can live in public, on the internet, without fear of surveillance or blowback, if you only post abstract art and music.
No pictures of yourself, no biographical details beyond searching, Van Gogh-like missives on the studio process.
This is a politically radical stance because you're (i) not consuming and (ii) not giving Them any data They can use.

If you want to discuss anything ordinarily considered political, or anything that deviates from Anglo-, Christian-, Feminist-. Etc- norms, you will have to choose your words so carefully that you will be practically speaking in code. As in the old Soviet Union, you speak ironically not because you're jaded but because They don't understand you.

For frank non-normative internet speech you are looking at navigating an ever-shifting array of dark sites and alternative platforms. Diaspora instead of Facebook, Duck Duck Go instead of Google, TOR (but not on Windows), Linux (but not with vPro & TXT CPUs), etc.